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We have, and will continue to, explore new technological avenues to provide our customers, partners and their end users with the most innovative solutions to better serve their needs. We have created a friendly forum where our customers’ ideas and suggestions are researched and developed whenever possible.

By focusing on the needs of our users and the every-changing trends of the marketplace, our company has been able to develop and implement a fully redundant data network and private voice switching facilities allowing it to continue to grow and adapt while other carriers provide more of the same.

Why you should go with cybernet

CyberNet Communications, Inc. first entered the telecommunications scene as a carrier in 1995 with a fresh and novel idea – To empower enterprise customers and our partners to have decade proof technology at affordable prices and with personalized support. Being around for over 25 years we have seen many revolutions in the industry, allowing us to have a core competency for anticipating future networking trends and solutions.

In turn this has created a technically driven culture that has facilitated our development of certain services that other carriers do not offer

Our Leadership in Numbers

Over the last two decades, this commitment has never faltered and, although the scope of our customer base has expanded to include partners and resellers who sell to end

Over the last two decades, this commitment has never faltered and, although the scope of our customer base has expanded to include partners and resellers who sell to end users, the company fundamental philosophy of being customer-committed has never changed. We have designed our internal structure, product deployment direction and marketing strategies to achieve this goal

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The Things we Value The Most


At CyberNet Communications we believe that everything comes down to taking accountability for your service. We will never shy away from being the point of contact for all of your telecom needs because we are confident that CyberNet will deliver the best, high quality service in the industry.


We take the long view when looking at the telecommunications industry. Our job is to ensure that CyberNet communications is at the cutting edge when it comes to technology and service. This way we can ensure that every product we provide our customers meets our “Decade Proof” standard.


When we deliver a solution we are looking to alleviate a customer need and acknowledge our responsibility for the outcome. We often find ourselves going above and beyond the call of duty for a telecom provider by helping our customer troubleshoot all issues. We do this because we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our customers have great service, even if it is sometimes beyond our “Demarcation” point.


We don’t run after the signature. Our sales people put forward the best solution for the customer’s needs, regardless of price. Here at CyberNet, we believe that if the customer is happy then they will stay. This is what has led to our industry leading 99% customer retention rate. We look to deliver sustainable solutions that will satisfy customers for years to come.


Utilize our Dense Long Haul & Metro Fiber Network Throughout North America


Fully managed Carrier grade digital voice networking delivering: Hosted PBX, Digital Lines, PRIs & SIP Trunks


Geo-Redundant Clusters Providing Industry Leading Uptime & Cost Effective Private Computing