Unlock the full potential of your service with our telecoms wholesale solutions

Our Telecommunications Wholesale Solutions

CyberNet has developed a wholesale telecoms solution for partners that are looking to build out their carrier platform but do not have the proper administrative, regulatory, billing, or engineering expertise in place. Our telecoms wholesale platform is built for any partner that is currently looking to provide or layer on telecommunication services on top of its existing offering.

Experience reliable and high-speed wholesale solutions with CyberNet, one of the leading wholesale internet providers. Our comprehensive offerings include voice plans, network connections, industry-specific solutions, and more. With our extensive fiber network in North America, convenient access to data centers, and state-of-the-art network, we guarantee secure and reliable wholesale data and internet solutions for businesses of all sizes. Choose CyberNet for resiliency, accessibility, and agility in your wholesale data needs.

Top Reasons to Hire Telecoms Wholesale Services

Lack of Expertise

Expertise is crucial for business success. At CyberNet Communications, our dedicated team ensures the best service for our partners. Choose us to elevate your wholesale networks, while you focus on core operations. Trust CyberNet Communications for your telecommunication needs

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Why Choose Us

Billing & Regulatory Compliance

Telecommunication regulatory compliance and billing are highly complex matters for any organization. With ever-changing laws and regulations, it can be difficult to keep up and avoid costly penalties. The nuances of billing and invoicing can also be a source of frustration and confusion. That's where CyberNet services for wholesale telecommunications come in - taking care of these requirements and removing the headache from your organization. With our expertise, you can focus on your core business while we handle the intricacies of telecommunications compliance and billing with confidence and professionalism. Trust us to streamline these processes and ensure your organization is always in compliance

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CyberNet's DRaaS protects critical data from disasters, offering resilience, security, and adaptability for quick recovery.

  • As a CaaS partner you will be onboarded with our customer support team and asked what exact services you are looking to sell

    Initial Consultation
  • 2
    Custom Solution Design

    After you will be handed to our engineering team which will walk through your existing network design, wholesale solutions, and how to best incorporate our services

  • Once that is completed your sales team will provide you with a flat rate deck across North America and you can begin selling all types of Carrier Services

    Seamless Integration
  • 4
    Ongoing Optimization and Support

    As you begin to see different sales opportunities you will have access to our sales engineering department to help your team design and close the more complex telecoms wholesale deals

  • Once the customers are turned up your team will have end to end transparency of the solution giving you an advantage in support and troubleshooting

    Scalability and Adaptation

Who Benefits from Our Products

CyberNet's DRaaS solutions cater to various industries' needs, offering vital support for business continuity, data protection, and compliance

Managed servies providers (MSP)

As an MSP, having specialized skills and expertise is crucial to stay competitive. That's where CyberNet, a wholesale internet service provider, comes in. With expertise in network design, engineering support, and compliance regulations, they empower MSPs to elevate their offerings. We understand the challenges in managing complex networks, so our remote network management capabilities streamline operations effortlessly. Expand your service portfolio with CyberNet's telecom services without infrastructure worries. As a leading network wholesaler, we offer unparalleled support to help your business grow. With CyberNet, provide top-notch services to your clients and stay ahead of the game.


As a wholesale ISP, CyberNet offers networking wholesale solutions, simplifying network design, compliance, and support for carriers. With CyberNet taking care of these tasks, carriers can focus on their core business functions more efficiently. CyberNet's global reach enables carriers to expand to new markets and reach a broader customer base, while significantly reducing infrastructure costs. Partnering with CyberNet allows carriers to streamline operations, scale their businesses, and provide customers a seamless internet experience.

Value added reseller (VAR)

As the telecom industry continues to grow and expand, resellers are looking for ways to enhance their product range and stay competitive. By including CyberNet's telecom services in their offerings, resellers can attract customers with a diverse range of services that meet various needs. Not only does CyberNet's expanded product range enhance resellers' offerings, but the company also simplifies the reselling process, making it easier for VARs to focus on their customers. VARs who partner with CyberNet can be confident in their ability to outperform rivals and provide top-notch services to their customers.

Master Agents

As a leading wholesale telecom solutions provider, CyberNet empowers Master Agents and builds strong partnerships in the telecoms wholesale industry. With our support, Agents can confidently close complex deals, leveraging our technical insights and expertise. We expand the portfolio and revenue streams of our Master Agents without heavy investments, delivering exceptional value to wholesale telecom providers through strengthened partnerships and new revenue streams.


What is a Telecoms Wholesale Service?

Network wholesale refers to reselling telecommunication services by utilizing carriers' network connectivity. This approach allows businesses to offer innovative, cost-effective, and reliable communication services without investing in expensive network equipment. CyberNet offers highly flexible wholesale solutions tailored to suit the specific needs of different businesses in this highly competitive industry.

How Can CyberNet’s Services Be Customized to Meet Specific Business Needs?

As a wholesale telecommunications provider, CyberNet customizes solutions to meet businesses' unique needs. Through consultation and collaboration, CyberNet optimizes services to seamlessly integrate with each business, delivering the right telecom solutions. Trust CyberNet for professional, informative, and tailored telecommunications.

How Can Businesses Initiate Collaboration with CyberNet?

To fully leverage CyberNet's Wholesale Telecoms Services, connect with our knowledgeable Customer Support Team. We'll discuss your objectives and align our wholesale telecommunications services with your unique needs. Elevate your telecom infrastructure with our tailored solutions. Let's accelerate your business growth together. Contact us now!