Value Added Reseller

CyberNet is a leading wholesale telecommunications provider. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for VARs to confidently resell. Our portfolio includes top-tier Data, Voice, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, empowering VARs with a competitive edge. Our forward-thinking approach to Data services ensures reliable, high-speed connectivity for peak performance. In the realm of Voice services, we provide scalable and efficient communication options. With our IaaS offerings, VARs can leverage a secure, cloud-based infrastructure that drives operational flexibility and reduces capital expenditure for clients. CyberNet's commitment to innovation positions our partners to excel in today's digital market.

Challenges faced in the Business Telecom realm:

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, Value-Added Resellers (VARs) stand to gain significantly by keeping abreast of emerging technology trends, particularly voice, data, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. This proactive approach not only aligns with customer expectations but also ensures VARs remain at the forefront of innovation.

 The modern market demands more than piecemeal offerings. By integrating voice, data, and IaaS solutions into their portfolio, VARs can deliver comprehensive, end-to-end systems that address a wider range of client needs, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In a saturated market, uniqueness sells. VARs that incorporate advanced voice, data, and IaaS solutions into their offerings can distinguish themselves by providing cutting-edge, value-added services that competitors may not offer, thereby capturing a larger market share.

High-quality, integrated solutions represent a direct path to enhanced value for clients. Telecom resellers that offer robust voice, data, and IaaS solutions can foster deeper customer loyalty and higher retention rates by delivering exceptional value and performance that exceed client expectations.

Cultivating Recurring Revenue Models

 The transition to services that support equipment sales, such as IaaS, opens up new avenues for sustainable revenue. VARs can leverage these solutions to establish recurring revenue streams, ensuring long-term financial stability and growth. 

Trusted by VARs: Our Proven Approach to Advanced Telecom Solutions

By implementing these strategies, VARs can effectively enhance their appeal to potential customers, driving growth and securing a competitive edge in the fast-paced technological market.

Our data services redefine seamless integration. Engineered with flat networks, they effortlessly blend into ISP providers existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient enhancement of your data handling capabilities. As experts in providing top-notch, cost-effective data solutions, including MPLS and wholesale data offerings, we cater meticulously to your unique requirements. Trust us to empower your operations without straining your financial resources.

Defining Communication Excellence: Unleash the full potential of your communication strategies with Cybernet's advanced voice solutions. Our robust voice network infrastructure sets new standards in reliability and performance. By choosing us for your wholesale voice needs, you unlock unparalleled VoIP services that position you as the foremost communication provider in your customers' eyes. Embrace the future of voice communication with our tailor-made, cutting-edge solutions.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Designed to Perform

Embrace unparalleled flexibility and value with our IaaS solutions, crafted to align with the specific challenges and goals of carriers. Our competitive pricing model is designed to ensure that your investment translates into substantial value, laying a robust foundation for all your infrastructure needs. With our IaaS offering, you gain not just a service, but a partnership dedicated to scaling your operational capabilities to new heights.

Why CyberNet Stands Out as the Premier Choice for Telecom Resellers

Decades of hands-on experience, seamless integration of cutting-edge technology solutions, and proven strategies make us the go-to wholesale provider for reliable and innovative VARs (Value Added Resellers) and telecom resellers.

 Highly skilled professionals bridging the technical resource gap, ensuring exceptional network management services for unmatched efficiency and performance.

Tailored solutions that meet carriers' intricate demands, guaranteeing maximum utility with minimal financial investment for telecom resellers and VAR sales.

Proactive approach to cybersecurity with stringent measures, safeguarding clients' networks against any threat.

Catalyzing Growth

Future-proof solutions that guarantee scalability and adaptability, empowering clients, including ISP resellers, to expand effortlessly.

Achieving Competitive Differentiation through Value-Added Services

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) can offer tailored solutions that meet diverse customer needs. By integrating advanced voice, data, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from CyberNet Communications, VARs deliver cutting-edge services, empowering clients to thrive in saturated markets.

  • Our consultation sets the foundation for success. We customize CyberNet's solutions to align with VARs' goals, driving sales and expanding reach.

    Initial Consultation


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    Custom Solution Design

    Leveraging our expertise, we ensure VARs provide robust solutions without disrupting operations. Our designs position you as a partner in client growth, offering modern telecommunications capabilities.

  • Efficient implementation minimizes downtime, ensuring uninterrupted service for customers and fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

    Seamless Integration
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    Ongoing Optimization and Support

    Our unwavering support and service optimization are cornerstones of a beneficial partnership. We help clients evolve their offerings to face market changes confidently.

  • Our scalable solutions allow VARs to respond swiftly to market demands. With CyberNet, enhance services without heavy capital expenditures, securing a competitive edge. 

    Scalability and Adaptation

Unparalleled connectivity solutions for all sectors: CyberNet's value added reseller     

(VAR) service empowers VAR sales, telecommunications resellers, and ISP resellers. Our goal is to deliver superior connectivity solutions across various sectors. We specialize in serving industries such as:


VARs provide reliable telecom services for seamless communication in healthcare.

Finance and Banking

VARs rely on our secure infrastructure for managing financial transactions.

Government Agencies

Our telecom infrastructure supports government operations with unmatched security and reliability.


Partnering with us offers advanced telecom solutions for remote learning and collaboration.


VARs enhance retail operations with our seamless telecom services.


A value added reseller (VAR) is a company that enhances products or services before reselling them to end users. VARs differentiate themselves by customizing the offerings to meet the specific needs of their customers.

CyberNet's value added reseller service offers competitive pricing, flexibility, and a wide range of customizable solutions. This is particularly advantageous for those interested in VAR sales, telecommunications resellers, and ISP resellers.

Absolutely! CyberNet's value added reseller service allows VARs to tailor the technology solutions they offer to their customers. Each of CyberNet's products can be customized to fit the unique requirements of telecom reseller partners and those interested in VAR sales.

How can one become a value added reseller with CyberNet?

To become a value added reseller with CyberNet, simply reach out to our sales team through our website or contact us directly. Our team will guide you through the process and provide all the necessary information and resources to get started as a telecom reseller or a internet reseller.